We bring artists and community together for the benefit of both

The Ash Hill Center for the Arts is dedicated to providing our community with a venue for artists to create, present, exhibit or perform; thereby benefiting our community with access to high quality art instruction, opportunity for interaction with and enjoyment of the arts.


Classes Looking for Students

if interested in any of these classes, email ashhillarts@gmail.com with your name and email

Drawing with Robert Seaman To be scheduled sometime in April. Looking for two students. We will then “Custom Schedule” your class and determine the best day and time to schedule class.  This ensures the class will be held when YOU can attend. Two sessions of four classes, $125 per session, discount if register for two sessions Classes cover basic techniques (there are many), portraiture and figure drawing.  Study with Bob while you have the opportunity.

Weaving Class  Our first two student sign-ups have been waiting patiently for some time and they are very eager to get started. If you have ever thought of trying weaving this class is for you.  This class will not begin immediately as it will take your instructor time to arrange for table looms.  Sign up now to reduce the wait time.

Knitting Class Several knitters, beginning levels, eager for class are looking for others to join them.  ARE YOU READY TO LEARN TO KNIT?  

Pastel and Abstract Classes We have several artists interested in these two classes. We are looking for at least five to join and set a time. 

Salon Opportunity for artists to present their “in progress” work for feedback, suggestions and encouragement.  This is a wonderful way to improve your art, learn from others and grow as an artist.The Salon is structured such that you may ask for gentle encouragement or critique in more depth.  On occasion a special guest will be asked to provide a “professional critique”.  When we have at least eight artists registered, we can schedule our first event Salons are expected to meet once per month.   $8 fee per salon.


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