Executive Director, Pamela Dexter

Pamela received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire. While an educator, Pamela worked in two districts that provided education in a non-traditional format. One school was supported by the Kellogg Foundation. Pamela earned her Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut. As a school guidance counselor for 27 years, Pamela worked with many organizations and businesses to provide services and opportunities for her students. This often required Pamela to organize community services meetings in order to facilitate the integration of services.

Upon retirement, Pamela began her second career in art as a watercolorist. She sought out training from many talented local art instructors. As a board member for the Vermont Watercolor Society, she was responsible for development and initiation of a state-wide program for the Society. The “Hubs” program provided VWS activities to eight different regions thus offering their members a greater benefit from their membership. The Hubs program continues to this day. Pamela also earned her signature membership during this time.